About us

A-World Consulting, flagship company of the A-World Group, is a full service communication and management consultancy based in Hong Kong. We provide public & corporate affairs advice, corporate & media communications, integrated communications services etc. by combining the finest expertise in public/corporate and marketing communications, branding, corporate social responsibility, event management and training.

Our professionals work in dynamic teams to create communication solutions that deliver the best value and results. We have profound and extensive experience in strategic communications, high level counselling, corporate positioning and reputation management, media relations, issues/crisis management, as well as government and community relations.

Our strengths

Strategic Communications 90%
High Level Consulting 95%
Corporate Positioning 90%
Media Relations 88%
Issue/Crisis Management 95%


Message from the CEO

In the hurling tides of globalization, competition is now defined not by hard ware advantages but soft skills and culture superiority. Of the latter, communication is the quintessential underpinning, excelling in which will lead to personal, organizational and societal success; will win us minds and hearts. Communication is at the core of any brand.

Effective communication is the lifeblood of long-lasting, forever-growing brands and often determines the quality of management and governance.

Whereas communication was somewhat secondary in governmental and business considerations in the past, it has soared high up to be a priority recognized as worthy of considerable investment nowadays.Faced with such opportunities, we communication experts are sought after and challenged at the same time. Business is good. It doesn’t mean business is easy. Clients are increasingly sophisticated and demanding so our service and deliverables must be unmistakably helpful and of value. To win on a sustainable basis, we have to focus single-mindedly on quality. Quality of work and service attitude.

At A-World Consulting, indeed this is our motto – we sit in the client’s seat but think differently. We attempt always to rise above the client’s articulated concerns and needs to probe from a higher ground and wider perspective to mine more solution options and to optimize results. With our almost unparalleled network and resource in Hong Kong, we are solidly placed to deliver high value to any clients. Into China, our Shanghai office was set up ahead of most foreign agencies in 1999. Over time we have evolved having regard to the cut-throat competition from local and SE Asian Chinese speaking agencies, as well as multi-national operators. However, our value-adding business and human resource offerings there differentiate us well from the crowd.

We welcome you to Hong Kong and Greater China, and look forward to serving you in this burgeoning, exciting region.

Sandra Mak
Chief Executive Officer