Jerry Hu, Managing Director, A-World Consulting (China)

Jerry Hu is an experienced consultant and is well-versed in the social and business environment, as well as ideologies in both Hong Kong and the Mainland.

Having been in Hong Kong and the Mainland in the past, Jerry has built a good rapport with officials and businesses in the Mainland.

Jerry joined Guangdong Investment Limited in 1987, and participated in many of the investment negotiations, organisation, planning and business development of the group from 1980 to 1990. He was mainly responsible for publicity and human resources management.

From 1995, Jerry was financial consultant for various companies, and director in many Hong Kong enterprises and Mainland companies in Hong Kong.

Jerry was involved in investment companies, industrial enterprises, arts and entertainment, property development, finance, imports and exports etc.

With many years of experience in these various fields, he has developed a sound relationship with people in these businesses.

After 2000, Jerry was consultant of various state-owned enterprises, and completed many financing projects. He also helped formed alliances between some of the listed and non-listed companies in Hong Kong and enterprises in the Mainland.

Jerry graduated in National Dong Hwa University in Shanghai. He obtained a degree in Engineering and is a qualified engineer in China.